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The winter season is the peak fire season, largely because many people are trying to stay warm, and their heating sources can pose a fire threat. We want you to keep warm this winter, but we also want you to do it safely, so here are some winter heating safety tips:

  • Only use a space heater when you’re at home and can keep an eye on it. Place the space heater away from all walls, clothes, and furniture. 
  • Be aware of the fire threats that extension cords and power strips can pose if not maintained properly. If any cords are damaged, do not use them. Limit how many power strips you use in your home.
  • Never, ever use your oven or stove as a heating source for your home. 
  • Don’t use fire pits or grills indoors.
  • Only use your fireplace when you are present and can attend to it. Keep furniture away from your fireplace. Have your fireplace inspected and cleaned regularly.

While it’s important to stay warm this winter, it’s just as important to stay safe. So, please practice caution when using heating sources in your home.

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